Based in Belgrade, Solenoid Circus d.o.o. is the technical branch of Munogu S.r.l., the Italian company focused on experiences and omnichannel solutions for brands and stores.

We are not just developers or system engineers. We like to call ourselves “an innovation center for our clients”, capable of finding the best solution for each client’s needs in terms of hardware and software. Doesn’t matter if you need a website or a IOT project.

We manage all traditional technologies, but we are focused on using the most advanced ones, like cognitive services, behaviour measurement, data collection & analysis and artificial intelligence. Our mission is to provide to our clients reliable and scalable solutions at affordable prices.

How do we reach our goal? Using, for example, Open Source technologies to reduce license and maintenance costs, and with powerful JavaScript oriented frameworks. We do not aim to propose a “best solution for all”, but the “best solution for you”, catered to your needs and budget.

If you want to know more about us: [email protected]